The Alvis Car Club is an Australian club, with members worldwide, which is committed to the enjoyment of owning, restoring, maintaining and driving Alvis cars.

The Club was established in September 1950 for the purpose of encouraging an interest in Alvis Cars; holding competitive, sporting and social events; and preserving the Marque. These aims still hold true, although Club events these days tend to be more social than sporting.

Alvibatics, the Club's magazine, is one of the oldest Alvis magazines in the world.  It keeps members informed of Club activities; presents technical advice on the restoration and maintenance of Alvis cars; offers a forum for the sale or exchange of cars or parts; and provides interesting, provocative and stimulating stories of Alvis cars and drivers.

The Club has an extensive knowledge of the history of Australian Alvis cars, which it keeps up-to-date and makes available to its members through this website.  The strong, active membership is interested and supportive of each other's projects making technical skill and parts available where possible. Club members enthusiastically participate in regular outings and activities, driving and enjoying their Alvis cars.


the Committee


Heather Goldsmith
President and Editor
Bruce Cunningham
Joe Toms
Paul Lunsmann
Treasurer & Alvibatics Distributor
Brian Wilson
Events Coordinator & Technical Director
Geoffrey Farrance
Registrar, Public Officer and ABCCA & CMC Delegate